How to have a stress-free weekend

Using the power of a REVIEW to stay present and clear

Have you ever been excited for the weekend, but not able to fully “leave” all the stuff you need to get done? I’ve been there. It can be stressful.

I hate to admit this, but I’ve had more than one weekend where it’s Sunday night and I wonder… where did the past couple days go??

The life-changing magic of a “waiting-for” list

5 benefits you'll get by following this simple solution

Do you want more brain space and less stress in your life? Do you want less things to fall through the cracks? I found a simple solution. It’s called a “waiting for” list.

I believe a waiting-for list can change your life. Before using this, my HEAD was jam packed with stuff to remember. Consequently, a lot fell through the cracks.

The Best Legal Pads (Amazon)

In case you didn’t know, I enjoy good pens, pencils, and paper. I also enjoy finding the BEST of everything.

I have lots of fancy gear like this and this, but I also enjoy the simplicity of classic tools. So, when I learned that Jerry Seinfeld uses legal pads (video) and blue Bic pens to write his jokes, I remembered how much I loved my Tops 100-Sheet Legal Pads.

Most legal pads are only 50 sheets and have a thin, floppy backing. Not these. These are the best. The back is made from 80 pt extra-sturdy chipboard, which makes it easy to write on your lap, on the couch, or wherever.

I bought these these BEFORE I saw the video, but recently stumbled on it again and remembered how floppy and cheap standard legal pads are. If you’re in the market for a strong, hefty, and made in the USA writing pad, try these. There are some negative reviews out there but I disagree with them. These are the best pads I’ve ever used and I highly recommend them.

Here’s Seinfeld talking about writing jokes here:

Do you struggle with being easy-to-understand?

5 simple strategies to be a clear communicator

Have you ever been confused when someone is talking? Have you thought, their lips are moving, but I don’t understand anything they’re saying!

Like you, I’ve had my fair share of confusing interactions with people—from afar and up close. It can be draining. You’re not sure if it’s YOU (not smart enough to understand what they’re saying), or if they’re just in another world.

Who cares

Tips to get back on track when you're stuck

Leaders, creatives, and writers like you often get stuck. Frozen. Not sure what to do next. You’re unclear why you’re doing what you’re doing. Your head isn’t in its usual place. You can call it writers block or ‘being unproductive’—but either way—there are common reasons why we get stuck.